Thursday, 6 November 2014

he load shedding: Problems and Solutions 

One of the most important problems faced by people of Pakistan is outage of electricity. It causes disruption in all spheres of life. Every now and then we see politician making false promises to general public that the problem of load shedding will soon be overcome. However, within last 5 years no improvement has been witnessed. On the contrary, the problem is getting worse with every passing day. The following article will have a look at the problems created by load shedding and will recommend few solution to overcome it.
Students are one of the many groups that are affected by the problem of load shedding. Their studying schedule is greatly disturbed due to the excessive hours of load shedding. The problem becomes worse during the months of summers and that is the time when many students appear for their final exams. They can not concentrate on their studies at school due to intense heat and not a single fan working in a room filled with students. Similarly, the problem continues at home as well due to which they are unable to finish their home assignments on time or prepare for upcoming quizzes and exams.
The industrial sector of Pakistan has also suffered a lot due to the intensive electricity load shedding. All large industries are capital intensive and rely on heavy machinery for the production activity which is run by electricity. Due to breakages in electricity, the production has reduced many folds, workers sit redundant during the hours of load shedding, and installing of generators has increased the cost of production and reduced the competitiveness of Pakistan made products in international market.
However, the question that arises is what needs to be done in order to overcome the menace of load shedding. Pakistan just rely on water for the generation of electricity whereas it can be produced using other resources as well such as wind, gas, coal etc. the largest province of Pakistan, Baluchistan, has large untapped reserves of natural gas and coal which can be used to produce additional electricity in the country and overcome the problem of load shedding.
As consumers we also need to play our part in reducing the problem of load shedding. We should try to minimize the use of air conditioners, instead of using all ACs of a home, all family members can sit in one room and just use a single AC. In addition, we need to adapt the habit of turning off lights and fans whenever coming out of our room in order to save electricity. Such small measures can make a huge difference. Instead of wasting electricity, we should use it wisely. It will not only save our money on electricity bills but would improve the problem of load shedding.
The problem of load shedding is acute and has created several difficulties for different groups of people. Government needs to take different measures to overcome it as soon as possible but at the same time the users of electricity should also act in a responsible manner to minimize its wastage.

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